Holiday trip check-up

Before you head off on a long trip over the holidays, it pays to do a check for possible problems in your car.

  1. Tyre pressures: It’s so easy to forget, but correct tyre pressure is important for a number of reasons (to gain optimal balance between fuel economy and tyre-grip on the road). We’ll check your tyre pressures, correct for your make and expected loads.

    Check and chill-out

  2. Coolant. Those long traffic delays can play havoc with your engine, overheating. We’ll check and top up with the correct coolant.
  3. Battery. Why burn your fingers or ruin your clothes from batteryacid. Get us to check properly, and top-up with the correct electrolyte.
  4. Spare tyre pressure (have you checked it lately? If you get a puncture, it’s too late to find that your spare is also flat).
  5. Fan-belts. Loose fan belts can reduce air-conditioning cooling, cause heavier (power) steering, all while significantly reducing the life of the belts (leading to vehicle breakdown).
  6. Engine, power-steering and automatic transmission oil. Make sure it’s up to the correct level. In hot conditions, sufficient oil in your engine helps keep the engine cool and properly lubricated.
  7. Remember to have your mobile phone car-charger. For long trips this can be invaluable item, particularly if your car breaks down or gets a flat and you need to call road-side assistance. Low-cost after-market chargers are typically available from leading department stores (e.g. Big W).

Call James on (02) 6332 6449 and arrange a time for us to check your car, while you wait (estimated check-up time 20-30 minutes.

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